Why use Kredcor

Why use Kredcor, when there are other debt collector agencies in South Africa?

Appoint Kredcor as your debt collector

We think you should use Kredcor to recover your overdue accounts because:

  • we have well known clients in many industries, some with rigorous Procurement Processes (Testimonials)
  • we only have senior, qualified personnel
  • we have the necessary Proof Documentation:
    • Council for Debt Collectors of South Africa Registration Certificate (As required by Law)
    • ADRA Membership Certificate (Association of Debt Recovery Agents)
    • Level 4 BEE Certificate
    • SARS Tax Clearance Certificate
  • we have never had a complaint lodged against us, and we work very hard to keep it that way
  • we comply to all Laws, Rules and Regulations
  • you will be assigned a senior Portfolio Manager who will handle all your cases
  • you get a monthly Progress Report
  • we collect your money into your Bank account, or our audited Trust account
  • your debtor will be more willing to pay his or her outstanding debt, when they see a third party is now involved
  • our commission rates are some of the lowest in the industry
  • we operate on a “No success, no fee” basis
  • we do not charge Admin fees, Hand Over fees or any other hidden fees
  • we help you to comply with the National Credit Act of South Africa, and any other applicable acts, for instance the POPI Act (Protection of Personal Information Act)

We think you should use Kredcor to provide you with credit reports, because:

  • our credit reports will help you to only extend credit to clients that, at that stage, seem able to pay their debt
  • the information in our credit reports are fresh (that day)
  • all the information is verified, we confirm all details provided by the applicant
  • each credit report comes with our recommendation, whether you shoul extend credit to this applicant, or not

What makes Kredcor different from other debt collectors?

  • we have specialised knowledge, coupled with many years’ experience
  • we have effective systems and software in place
  • we strongly believe in client satisfaction
  • our integrity is of the utmost importance to us, we protect it at all costs
  • we take a whole Industry, and service everyone within it, using our centralised knowledge of that Industry

As debt collectors, Kredcor operates in many different industries.

To provide the best possible service to our clients, we take an industry and determine the best methods to get our clients the results they need.

We work with the Financial and Credit Professionals of that Industry, providing them with a firm foundation and source of information, to assist them with their Credit Risk Management decision making.

Kredcor determines the Standard Operating Procedures of that Industry:

  • Terms of Credit
  • Seasonal demands
  • Correct Terminology
  • Is the financial information sensitive? Do the role players share sensitive info, or keep it private? If required, Kredcor signs NDAs with all the role players. (Non-Disclosure Agreements) This means that your data stays private, and is not taken out of the Kredcor office, nor shared with any third parties.

This allow Kredcor to become the debt collector of that Industry, to provide you the best ROI (Return on Investment).

We then contact the main role players in that industry and get them onboard.

Kredcor starts collecting on overdue accounts, and compile credit reports on the potential clients of our clients.

This enables Kredcor to build a centralised database of “good” and “bad” debtors, and as we know how the industry functions, we can ensure that your needs are met, in the most effective manner.

We enter an industry as follows:

  • Use different sources to determine the main role players in that Industry, and build a database
  • Determine the Standard Operating Procedures of that Industry and compile our Plan of Action, to ensure speedy recovery of outstanding debt and compilation of fresh credit reports
  • Contact the role players and get them on board
  • Build a database of “good” and “bad” debtors, using our credit reports and recent contacts with debtors as qualifying factors

Please feel free to contact Kredcor now, to see if we live up to our promises. Our contact details are top right, looking forward to meeting with you!