Book keeping services now available

Kredcor is proud to announce its new book keeping services now available. We are now able to provide all our business clients with a full spectrum of financial management services, ranging from credit reports, debtors books, book keeping, debt collection, sundry credit mangement services like default listing and tracing of delinquent debtors, to legal services regarding credit risk.

All this means that you have one service provider that sees the whole picture, and can provide you with the right information at the right time – ensuring that you make maximum profit, all the time. That means an improved cash flow and lower costs, speeding up your business growth.

We employ professional, qualified people that will handle your books with the utmost efficiency, ensuring that your business will run smoothly. Let us handle the headaches of invoices, journals, debits and credits, disputes, statement dates, yearends, debtors and creditors – everything that keeps you from running your business, and ensuring more profits.

You will now also know that you are up to date as far as SARS is concerned, as you will always know exactly how much tax to pay, and when to pay it. We can take care of VAT, PAYE, Income Tax – everything.

We can provide book keeping services all the way to a CA (Chartered Accountant) signing off your books at yearend. We are registered with the relevant regulating bodies, with impeccable records, so you know you are in safe hands. But dont just take our word for it, you are most welcome to contact any of our clients, and see if what we claim, really is true.

Contact us now, and we will supply you with a tailormade and cost effective book keeping service straight away. Plus, you have the added advantage that the people who investigates your potential clients and collects your outstanding debt, now also does your books – everything is centralised.