International debt collectors

Kredcor – international debt collectors

Are you battling with overseas debtors?

Kredcor – international debt collectors

It is bad enough to have debtors that are not paying their outstanding accounts, but to have debtors in other countries, is a bigger nightmare.

Consider the following challenges of international debt collection:

  • overseas debtors are far away, and sometimes unreachable, making international debt collection near impossible
  • Courts, and Laws, vary from country to country and are interpreted differently as well
  • you have to deal in different currencies, exchange rates and bank fees

Below are the reasons why we feel that we at Kredcor can offer you a viable alternative, in having your outstanding debt recovered as quickly and efficiently as possible:

  • we collect outstanding debt on a no success, no fee basis
  • our collection commission is of the lowest
  • our success rate is of the highest
  • we only have qualified, experienced personnel
  • our software systems have been tailor-made for us, enabling us to provide you with that something extra

Kredcor already have 13 clients across the globe, that make use of our debt recovery services.  You are most welcome to give us a try!

Please have a look at our testimonials, and see why we think you should use our debt recovery services.

It is very easy to start the debt collection process with Kredcor: just submit your oustanding debtors’ invoices to us, and we will immediately start to minimise your credit risk!

Kredcor works with the following international debt collector firms: