Kredcor specialises in commercial debt collection, that is debt between businesses. We are debt collectors that assume the role of an independent third party between you and your defaulting debtor.

Furthermore, we also do credit reports on your potential clients, to minimise the credit risk involved in dealing with unknown entities.

Unfortunately, debt collectors in South Africa have a very bad name, due to a few individuals whose actions can only be described as questionable.

Fortunately, Kredcor is there to put your mind at ease.

Kredcor Khuluma has been collecting commercial bad debt since 1999, and doing it successfully. You are welcome to contact our clients, and validate the claims we make.

We operate strictly within the confines of the NCA (National Credit Act of South Africa).

Kredcor is the best in business to business debt collections in South Africa. We collect outstanding commercial and corporate debts and also puts together fresh and verified credit information reports on existing and potential clients.

We also send a report with our recommendation on the potential threat they may pose to your company. Kredcor takes the hassle and stress away from business owners by offering this service for them.

Having bad debt within your business can hurt your revenue and become costly and bad for business. Looking into ways to make your business debt free can be overwhelming but that is why Kredcor is there to help. Having the necessary tools to get rid of the risk that comes with clients who are unwilling to pay is important as well. Nobody wants to deal with people who are out to ruin your business and cause harm to the company.

We are also registered with the Council for Debt Collectors of South Africa, as well as being members of ADRA (Association of Debt Recovery Agents).

Call us now, we would appreciate the opportunity of working with you!

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