When should I make use of a debt recovery agency?

A typical problem for company owners around the world is when to stop chasing bad debts in house and when to hand them over to a debt collection agency. That causes business people to ask themselves:”When should I make use of a debt recovery agency?” On the one hand it’s alluring to hold on to your business … Read more

Should you Hire Professional Debt Collectors?

It is almost impossible for a business to operate without a debt. For a business owner, it is usual to loan a product or money to a client, especially those you have transacted with for a considerable period. Should you Hire Professional Debt Collectors? If you offer services or products on credit, it is very likely … Read more

Why You Should Let Us Collect Your Outstanding Debt

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, one inescapable truth remains: not all debtors pay on time. The intricate world of debt collection can be a time-consuming and complex endeavor, often diverting your focus from core business activities. This is precisely where Kredcor steps in – to lighten your load, recover your outstanding debt, and allow … Read more

Why You Need Commercial Debt Collectors

Debt collectors in South Africa have developed collections models that aim at improving business to business debt recovery rate. The traditional debt collection models often lead to litigation that prevents creditors from meeting the rising needs of the commercial market. Why You Need Commercial Debt Collectors. The time is now ripe for your business to have … Read more