Debt collectors in Johannesburg South Africa

Debt collectors in Johannesburg South Africa are a dime a dozen, but not all are equally efficient or inspire trust as much as the top performers do.

Kredcor – debt collectors in South Africa

We at Kredcor believe we are different, that we are efficient and trustworthy, because:

  • We are registered with the Debt Collectors Council of South Africa, as is required by law
  • we were the first debt collection company to receive a letter of reference from this Council
  • we are members of ADRA, the Association of Debt Recovery Agents of South Africa
  • we collect your money into your bank account
  • Kredcor has been in existence for 14 years now
  • our collection rate success is consistently above industry average
  • our commission rate is below industry average
  • only senior personnel are employed by us, and they take care of your accounts all the way through
  • we update you monthly about our progress, more frequently should you wish

Furthermore, Kredcor also delivers the best credit reports in South Africa:

  • we deliver, where possible, our reports wuthin 48 hours
  • our credit reports only contain fresh information, all confirmed on that day
  • we include our recommendation, using our knowledge and experience
  • you get all the relevant credit risk information at your finger tips
  • you can greatly minimise your credit risk, by identifying potential unscrupulous customers in advance
  • we also assist international businesses wanting to do business in South Africa

We are confident that we can assist you right through the whole business cycle:

  • we investigate your potential customer through our credit report
  • we can perform book keeping services, watching out for potential risks
  • we collect on defaulting debtors, as soon as the red flags go up
  • we default list debtors that can not settle their debt to you
  • we can proceed with legal action where necessary

Kredcor has a good name in the debt collection industry – and we work extremely hard to keep that good name.

Contact us now, and let us prove ourselves to you.

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