Need commercial debt collectors?

Kredcor: debt collectors in the B2B field.

Kredcor mainly operates as debt collectors of commercial, which is debt one business owes to another. Have a look at some of our client testimonials to see what our clients think of us, and then see why we think you should use us. We are one of the longest running firms of debt collectors in South Africa, so you are assured of effective debt collection.

We strongly believe in adhering to the Debt Collector’s Code of Conduct, as this ensures professional conduct at all times, allowing you to be rest assured in Kredcor’s methods of operation.

Kredcor Khuluma is a proud player in the credit risk management field in South Africa. We mainly operate as commercial debt collectors and also compile fresh, verified business credit reports on your existing and potential clients. These reports come with our recommendation, regarding the credit risk this client might pose to your business.

You are most welcome to have a look at our Articles page, when you need Credit Management information, and see if your company’s policies are aligned with the National Credit Act of South Africa.

At Kredcor, we collect outstanding debt on behalf of our commercial and corporate clients, taking the strain of dealing with outstanding debt off their shoulders. We have been operating as debt collectors successfully for quite some time now, and we would like to do the same for you.

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We collect debt between businesses, and have been doing so for 14 years already.

It is important to note that when you involve a third party to collect your outstanding debt, your defaulting debtor realises the seriousness of the matter and are normally much more inclined to settle his outstanding debt.

We also know the law intimately – we largely go by the National Credit Act of South Africa, and what each party is entitled to and what their rights are – we ensure that your rights are protected.

The sooner you hand bad debt over, the better your chances are of recovering the full amount, per each debtor.

Leaving things too late, means any of the following can happen:

  • the debtor can close down, go dormant, liquidate or sequestrate – depending on the type of business you are dealing with
  • the debtor can get into deeper financial trouble, making it more difficult for him to repay his debts
  • other, bigger creditors than you can get on this debtor and you are pushed further to the back
  • the debtor can just disappear
  • your debtors book can get out of hand

If you are concerned about maintaining your good relationship with your debtor, then you need not be concerned, as we pride ourselves on the relationships we maintain with our clients debtors. In some cases, debtors have become clients of ours themselves! (After they have settled their debts, of course.)    😉

To collect debt between businesses does not necessarily mean you have to proceed with legal action, that is where Kredcor comes in. Think of us as the last stop before you go legal, if we dont come right, then legal action becomes a possibility. Remember, we only charge on successful collections, not for every action we take.

We do have the necessary legal documentation, that is prescribed by the National Credit Act,  that we forward to a debtor; so the correct procedures are followed at all times – when the time comes for legal action, the lawyers can just proceed where we ended, he does not have to start the whole process over again.

So, contact Kredcor now and let us get the ball rolling!

Why should you appoint Kredcor as your Company’s debt collectors?
Council For Debt Collectors
Council For Debt Collectors
  • as well as being members of ADRA (Association of Debt Recovery Agents) ADRA Nr 474:
association of debt recovery agents
  •  We work strictly according to the regulations of the National Credit Act of South Africa, and The Council for Debt Collectors of South Africa’s Code of Conduct.
  • We collect your money into your Bank account, or our Audited Trust account. The National Credit Act states that every debtor must be provided both options.
  • We work on a “No success, no fee” basis.
  • There are no Admin fees, or Hand over fees or any other type of fee.
  • Before we perform any external action, we will get your written permission first – no nasty surprises! (There might be some cost involved, but you will know beforehand.
  • You are appointed a Portfolio Manager, the only person that work on your accounts – no call centres!
  • You get a monthly Progress Report, indicating what is happening on each case you handed to us.
  • Our credit reports are freshly compiled that day, with all info verified.
  • Each credit report comes with our recommendation whether you should extend credit to that applicant.

 We specialise in the following areas of credit control:

1. Business to business debt collection:

As debt collectors, we strictly adhere to the law governing debt collection in South Africa, as governed by the Debt Collector’s Council of South Africa.

Kredcor operates on the following principles:

  • We collect outstanding commercial and corporate debt on a “No success, no fee” basis.
  • You will not be charged an admin fee, neither are there any hidden fees.
  • All bad debts are either collected into our audited Trust account, or into our clients’ bank accounts.

2. Business credit reports:

We gather, and verify, all the relevant info on your existing or potential clients, and present it to you in our report, accompanied by our recommendation.

We also provide you with the following sundry services:

  • Credit application forms (Revisions and redrafts)
  • Default listing

3. Recovery of movable assets:

We are contracted to certain financial institutions, to recover their assets, whether by way of payment of account, or recovery of assets.

Call us now at 011 907 4406 or email us and let’s get the ball rolling!

Kredcor Khuluma’s contact details:

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Tel:( 27 ) 011 907 4406 ,
Fax:( 27 ) 011 869 9583 ,

Commercial debt collectors in South Africa

A lot of our clients find that as soon as their debtors realise that their supplier (you) has appointed a third party (for instance Kredcor), these debtors are quicker to settle their debt to you. They realise that if they do not act quickly and pay their debt, there will be serious consequences, so they pay you first, and their other (less demanding) creditors later.

Kredcor also caters for international businesses, that need commercial debt collected in Southern Africa. We already have 13 clients, based in Europe, UK and US making use of our debt collection services.

Business credit reports

It is important that you keep your credit risk at a minimum, to ensure that your company stays financially healthy, especially when the markets and or economy are down.

You will sleep much better, knowing your company only extends credit to debtors that can afford to settle their debts. Furthermore, you can also have your existing clients checked annually, to make sure that your clients are still in a financially strong position. This will allow you to reduce, or even cancel, the current credit your are extending to a client, that might soon be in a financially difficult position. (His problems will not become your problems.)

You must have a credit application that is aligned with the National Credit Act of South Africa. The reports should be run on all potential clients as well as periodically on your current clients. Kredcor credit reports are fast and thorough, and you will receive them back in one day. In the event that a client accrues bad debt with you, Kredcor can assist with further collection efforts down to assisting you with legal action.

You can have at our credit reports page here, for more info that will help you with limiting your potential credit risk.

Kredcor sticks strictly to the law and operates under these principles:

1. Collection of debt is offered on a “no success, no fee” basis.
2. You are not charged an admin fee or any other hidden fees.
3. All debtor payments are deposited into the client’s bank account. We also offer you sundry services such as the revision of credit application forms and default listing. Kredcor is contracted to certain financial institutions to recover assets. This is done by collecting payment or the recovery of actual assets.

Having too much bad debt within your business, can hurt your revenue and become costly and negatively influence your cash flow. Looking into ways to make your business debt free can be overwhelming, but that is why Kredcor is there to help. Having the necessary tools to properly manage credit risk that comes with clients who are unwilling to pay, is important as well. Nobody wants to deal with people who are out to ruin your business and cause harm to the company.

If you are looking to find a debt collector that can assist you in your collection needs, Kredcor is the top in the industry of debt collection in South Africa. It is their priority to meet your needs and to ensure that, customer satisfaction is top of their list. They operate with professionalism and courtesy and want to keep you as a client, so they are willing to do what it takes to give you quality service.

Don’t fall into the hands of a debt collector that isn’t going to provide you with the services you require . Kredcor is the only way to go. Credit checks, debt collection, and credit reports are a necessity when doing business. You will always run into the few who can’t pay or are out to steal from you, but Kredcor wants to assist you with getting back what is rightfully yours.

Looking for commercial debt collectors? Kredcor, the leading debt collection agency in South Africa, is here to help. With a focus on customer satisfaction, professionalism, and quality service, they prioritise meeting your collection needs. Don’t settle for less – trust Kredcor for credit checks, debt collection, and credit reports to ensure you get what’s rightfully yours.